Selling Tools

Displaying a Product

Displaying a product on is easy. Simply click any Display your products now link on our website or:

  1. In My Alibaba, go to Selling Tools or
  2. Click Display New Products
  3. Enter your product information
  4. Click Submit when finished

You can also copy information directly from your existing products.

Product Name: Please enter the name of your product here and not a model number, company name or brand name.

Product Keyword: A keyword is the word or phrase that buyers will use to find your product, company or trade lead in our search engine. 80% of users use our search engine to find what they need. Therefore, choosing the right keyword is essential to help the right buyers find your product.

e.g. If your Product Name is Green Fuji Apple:
Apple is a real product, and apple is a kind of fruit, so "apple" and "fruit" can be keywords. Green (color) and Fuji (place of origin or species) are adjectives, meaning they modify "apple". They can not be keywords. Very few buyers search with adjectives only.

Category: Try to select the most relevant category. If possible, do not select "other". More than one third of buyers look for products by category. A precise category listing will enhance your chances of being found easily.

Product Group: Product Groups help buyers find your products on your storefront. Use Product Groups to organize your products and make it easier for buyers to find exactly what they need.

Product Photo: Most buyers only inquire about products with photos. Help buyers to choose your products with product photos
  1. Size: less than 200K
  2. Format: PEG (.jpg)
  3. The file name of your product picture should be in English

Attribute: Product Attributes help your products stand out to buyers. In addition to the standard attributes, you can also add your own product attributes to describe your product better.

Brief Description: Enter brief details about this product to attract the attention of buyers. The Brief Description of your product will be displayed on search result list pages. Please do not include information about your company or your other products.

Detailed Description: Add a more detailed description of this product including your product's features and benefits. Please do not include information about your company or your other products.

Select Payment and Shipping Terms & Show Buyers your Ability to Supply: Enter details of your Payment Terms, Shipping Terms & Supply Capability in this section. The more information you provide, the more confidence buyers will have in trading with you.

Upon approval, your products are published on within 24 hours. At any time after approval, you can edit, delete or remove your products through the Manage Products section in My Alibaba.

Display your products now!

If your products are not approved (i.e., you are required to submit more information), the status will be shown on your My Alibaba homepage in the Requires Editing section with a reason why.

Please note: The approval process applies to all postings on, including Company Profile, products, buying leads and selling leads.


Managing my Products

To edit your products, go to the Manage Products section of My Alibaba. You can view your products' status and edit your products at any time. There are three sections:

  • Editing Required: This includes products that require editing before can approve them for display.
  • Approval Pending: This includes products that have been posted but have yet to be approved. The approval process usually takes 24 hours.
  • Approved: This includes both products that are on display and those that are not on display. You can change the display status of your products here.

Please note: You can only edit or delete the products in the Editing Required and Approved sections.


Managing Product Groups

Manage Product Groups: To delete or edit your Product Groups, go to the Manage Product Group section of My Alibaba. You can edit or delete product groups at any time. Please note that deleting a product group will not delete the products in the group.

Re-sort Product Groups: You may change the order of your Product Groups, and they will appear in your Storefront in your chosen order.

Add a New Product Group: Add Product Groups to group similar products together and to allow buyers to find the right products on your storefront fast.



The Products and Selling Leads that you delete will be stored in the Trash. You can store a maximum of 50 listings (Including Products and Selling Leads). If the number of deleted listings has reached the limit, we will inform you so you can remove any unwanted listings by yourself.