Message Center

What is Message Center?

Message Center is a communication management tool that gives you an easy and efficient way to track the messages you send and receive from other members. The benefits include:

  • The ability to conveniently manage your Inquiries and Quotations.
  • A central location in which to store all of your messages.
  • Aggressive spam-filtering tools.

How do I send and reply to messages?

You can either send messages to your intended party by clicking the "Contact Now" button in the product page, or by directly clicking the "Send Message" button in Message Center.

You can check your sent messages and replies in Message Center.

You may take the following steps to send and reply to messages:

  • Browse or search for your interested product.
  • Click "Contact Now" and send messages.
  • Check replies in Message Center and reply accordingly.

Storing unlimited messages in Message Center

Your Message Center Inbox can hold unlimited messages. Messages from the last 90 days are listed in your Inbox, while all prior messages are stored chronologically and can be accessed by using the drop-down menu on the tool-bar. Messages from the previous two years will be deleted automatically.

What is contact list?

Your contact list is your list of people and companies with whom you correspond through It contains contact and other detailed information for your business use.

How do I manage contacts?

To manage your contacts, you can:

  • Add members or non-members to your contact list.
  • Create groups for better management.
  • Check and edit your contacts' information.

Please note that your contacts in Message Center are integrated into your TradeManager contact list.

What is search?

In Message Center, you can search messages by sender/receiver name, subject, message details, company name, phone number and fax number. For example, if you search "ABC," all messages containing "ABC" will be flagged.

What is Junk folder?

Your Junk folder is in your My Alibaba Message Center. All suspected junk email/spam or potential security risks are sent to your Junk folder. To recover messages that are not junk, simply click "Not Junk." Suspected junk email/spam in your Junk folder is automatically deleted after two months.

How do I use my block list?

Sometimes members receive unwanted correspondence. You can use "Block List" in Message Center to filter out unwanted messages. With this control method, messages from Member IDs, email addresses or countries you wish to block will be deleted automatically.

With "Block List" you can add new blocking details or remove existing blocks by taking the following steps:

  • Sign in with your registered email address and password at
  • Click "Block List" in Message Center.
  • Complete the form.
  • Click "Block" to confirm your blocked settings.

How can I retrieve my lost messages?

If you are an Alibaba member, you can sign in to Message Center with your Member ID and password, where you can check and reply to your messages.

If you encounter any problem retrieving a lost message, please contact our service team.