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Posting a Buying Lead

A Buying Lead is an invitation to suppliers to send you a quotation. To send a Buying Lead:

  1. Sign in at My Alibaba, click Buying Tools and then click Post a New Buying Lead
  2. Fill in the Buying Lead form with all essential information including your desired product, price and amount
  3. We suggest that you attach a photo of your desired product
  4. Click Submit

Subject: A clear and concise subject will increase your chances of being found by the right Suppliers. Please keep it simple and do not add the price, adjectives such as "high quality" or "beautiful," or list multiple products in one Buying Lead.

Keyword: A keyword is the word or phrase that buyers will use to find your product, company or trade lead in our search engine. 80% of users use our search engine to find what they need. Therefore, choosing the right keyword is essential to help the right buyers find your product.

e.g. If your Product Name is Green Fuji Apple:
Apple is a real product, and apple is a kind of fruit, so "apple" and "fruit" can be keywords. Green (color) and Fuji (place of origin or species) are adjectives, meaning they modify "apple". They can not be keywords. Very few buyers search with adjectives only.

Category: Try to select the most relevant category. If possible, do not select "other." Almost one third of buyers look for products by category. A precise category listing will enhance your chances of being found easily.

Description: When browsing buyer listing websites, we often see Buying Lead introductions that are unclear. Remember, your Buying Lead introduction is a major contributor toward the first impression suppliers will have of you. It is important they fully understand what you want, so use it to your advantage.

Brief Description: Use a simple and clear description of the product you want to buy.

Detailed Description:

Paragraph 1 - Give a brief company introduction to help build more trust with potential suppliers.

Paragraph 2 - Enter a detailed buying description: Provide key information about what you're looking for including the product name, size, color, performance, price, quantity, terms of payment and any other relevant information. The more clear information you can provide, the better the responses you will get.

Paragraph 3 - Invite the suppliers to contact you: Use the final paragraph of your Detailed Description to state the urgency of what you need and invite potential customers to contact you directly.

After completing the Buying Lead form and clicking the Submit button, you will receive a message on your Manage Buying Leads page telling you that your Buying Lead has been submitted and is pending approval.

If you need to modify your Buying Lead, you can click the Save Draft button to save it first. After you finish your modification, click the Submit button for our editors to check.

If your Buying Lead is not approved (i.e., it requires you to submit more information), the Editing Required status will be shown on your My Alibaba homepage and on your Manage Buying Leads page. We will also send you an email to inform you that your Buying Lead requires editing. When your information is approved, it will be published on within 24 hours.

Please note: This approval process applies to all postings to, including Company Profile, products, Buying Leads and Selling Leads.


Managing Buying Leads

Go to My Alibaba. You can view the status of your Buying Leads on you're My Alibaba homepage or in the Manage Buying Leads section. There are four sections:

  1. Editing Required: This includes Buying Leads that require editing before they can be posted on
  2. Approval Pending: This includes Buying Leads that have been posted but have yet to be approved by The approval process usually takes 24 hours.
  3. Approved: This includes Buying Leads approved and published on
  4. Expired: This includes Buying Leads that have passed the expiration date you specified.
  5. Please note: You can only edit, delete or re-post Buying Leads in the Editing Required or Approved or Expired sections.

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