Looking for Buyers

Though most buyers prefer to look for products and suppliers through searches and browsing, almost a third of them would rather publish buying Trade Leads to let sellers find them. As a seller, you can search the buying trade leads posted by those buyers and send instant quotations:

  • Click the "Sell" tab to enter the seller's homepage.
  • You can either use the "Search Buying Leads" function or "Browse Buying Leads by Category" to look for buyers.
  • Then, you can filter your search results by category or keyword.

  • Next, you can filter your search results by specifications.

  • All the filters you choose will be listed in boxes at the top of the page To remove a filter, simply close the box for the filter you no longer want, or click [undo] next to the filter you've just selected.

  • You can also use the options in the "Refine my Search" section to filter your results.

  • Click the button when you find the right buyer(s).
  • Click the "Talk to Me Now" button to talk with buyers using Alibaba's instant messaging tool, TradeManager.

Refine Search

  • When using the search or browsing by category, you can also use "Refine Search" to narrow your result(s).

  1. Select Date
    This helps you narrow your buying lead results by posting date.

  2. Select Purchase Type
    There are two purchase types you can use to narrow your buying lead results.
    "Urgently Needed Product" is for short-term or urgent purchase needs
    "Long-term purchase" is for long-term purchase needs

  3. Show    
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Recent History

Use "Recent History" on the left side to easily find previously-viewed products, selling leads, companies, categories and keywords.

The "My Recent History" function helps you keep track of buying leads, categories and keywords. It lets you easily find what you're looking for on Alibaba.com. Since your browsing habits change frequently, so does your recent history. You can also click the " " button to display this feature or click " " to hide this feature.

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