What can I do if I have paid for goods but haven't received them?

If goods have not been delivered after payment and within the agreed time, please report the dispute using the following steps.

Upon receipt of your complaint, Alibaba.com will notify you within 3 business days whether we will accept your complaint or not. If it is accepted, we will notify the other party in writing, requesting them to complete and submit a Counter Notification.

To help with Trade Disputes, please refer to these useful tips:
  1. We suggest that you contact the other party as soon as possible to help resolve the dispute. Many disputes can often be resolved after direct communication between the 2 parties. If you do not receive responses from the other party after attempting to contact them, you may also try to find out their telephone number to contact them by phone.
  2. If our dispute procedures do not meet your requirements, you may also protect your rights and interests using the following means:

If a written arbitration agreement has been reached between you and the other party before or after the dispute arises, the parties may refer the dispute to the relevant arbitration commission for arbitration.