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          Home Machinery

          Chemical & Pharmaceutical Machinery

          Recommended For You

          VH-1000 V Type Dry Powder Mixer Machine
          HK$44,308.38 - HK$45,085.72
          1 Set
          10L 20L 30L 50L Newest Jacketed Stirred Tank Filter Reactor for Crystallization with PTFE Stirring Paddle
          1 Set
          Pressure Vessel made by a top class manufacture , Alcohol Pressure Vessel in China
          HK$38,867.00 - HK$3,886,700.00
          1.0 Sets
          Automatic Tablet/pill/chewing gums/capsule Counting Machine
          1 Set
          Multifunctional Extraction Tank Herbal Extractor Hemp Extracting Equipment Manufacturing Plant Powder Food & Beverage Factory
          HK$373,123.20 - HK$388,670.00
          1 Set
          High quality stackable 500 litre used ibc containers for sale
          HK$466.41 - HK$699.61
          25.0 Pieces
          Gas separator Deep cleaning of gas
          10 Boxes
          Festoon drying flexible abrasive suspension hot air conditioning drier
          HK$777,340.00 - HK$1,554,680.00
          1.0 Pieces