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          Home Machinery

          Agricultural Machinery & Equipment

          Recommended For You

          Sesame Wheat Soybean Peanut Seed Grain Bean Vibrating Screen Cleaning and Processing Machine
          HK$36,510.54 - HK$39,617.82
          1 Set
          Comparative price Hot Dip Galvanized pig farrowing crate / cage for sows used in pig equipment
          HK$3,068.44 - HK$3,767.58
          10.0 Sets
          TQSF Cauliflower Okra seed gravity grader destoner machine
          HK$9,321.84 - HK$62,145.60
          1.0 Sets
          light sensor automatic battery chicken door opener with door
          HK$322.39 - HK$473.87
          1 Set
          Plastic chicken transport cage crate plastic chicken box
          HK$66.03 - HK$73.80
          50 Pieces
          Full Automatic chicken layer cage,battery cage laying hens
          HK$233.05 - HK$388.41
          1 Set
          Castor Bean Seed Pure And Natural Premium Quality Moisturizes And Protects Dry Skin For Hair Growth Eyelashes Joint
          HK$155.37 - HK$170.91
          1.0 Kilograms
          Hot Selling High Quality Poultry Plastic Chicken Feeder For Export
          HK$13.76 - HK$18.60
          250.0 Units