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          Home Machinery

          Agricultural Machinery & Equipment

          Recommended For You

          New multi-row hand-pushed semi-automatic hand-pushed planter for vegetables, coriander, sesame and millet
          HK$606.33 - HK$855.08
          20 Pieces
          Sesame Wheat Soybean Peanut Seed Grain Bean Vibrating Screen Cleaning and Processing Machine
          HK$36,534.98 - HK$39,644.34
          1 Set
          Comparative price Hot Dip Galvanized pig farrowing crate / cage for sows used in pig equipment
          HK$3,070.50 - HK$3,770.10
          10.0 Sets
          light sensor automatic battery chicken door opener with door
          HK$322.60 - HK$474.18
          1 Set
          Long lifetime for chicken used poultry slatted floor
          HK$38.87 - HK$46.65
          100 Pieces
          KTZ Electrical single Stage Pumps Submersible Pumps
          1 Unit
          Cheap MF375 Agriculture Tractors for sale
          HK$11,660.10 - HK$38,867.00
          2.0 Pieces
          Boiled quail eggs / Canned boiled quail eggs
          HK$69.97 - HK$77.74
          100.0 Cartons